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Holistic Pain Management & Herbal Wellness Clinic

Our holistic pain management and herbal clinic is offered via appointment where individuals can participate in a customized treatment for health and well- being. We also offer alternative therapies to help individuals to overcome pain and break free from artificial substances and opiates.

Schedule an appointment with One of Our Specialists:

Complementary Medicine Practitioner & Cardiovascular Perfusionist

Dr. Ahmses Maat (951) 552-3924

Medical Massage Therapist, Hilot and Herbalist

Akua Maat (951) 552-3923

Divinerpathic Natural Medicine Practitioner


Dr. Stephon F. Battle-Bey, Ph.D, N.D.

Dedicated to treating the entire person… not just the symptoms.

213-373-HEAL 323-296-7838