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Nana’s African Maroon Spiritual Science and Wellness Center was founded in 2016 which was sanctioned by the Africania Mission in Ghana. We became incorporated in 2020. We practice African Traditional religion rooted in both Nile Valley and West African spiritual systems and cosmology. We contend that we are sovereign by the definition of US LAW as our ancestors were brought here after 1808 when it was deemed illegal to engage in the enslavement of Africans. We never acquiesced our African citizenship. As sovereign and spiritual people, Nana’s African Maroon Spiritual Science and Wellness Center’s members cannot and will not defile their bodies (God in flesh) with such things as pork, drugs or in this case, vaccinations that alter the bodies innate ability to heal itself. It is an abomination against God and in violation of are spiritual practice and sovereignty.

Furthermore, Nana’s African Maroon Spiritual Science and Wellness Center maintains a very firm stance on COVID-19 and forced vaccination policies and procedures currently being implemented across the United States. We stand unified with other spiritual institutions who openly oppose legislation that conflicts with a person’s right to choose. We view these vaccines as experimental and do not trust the administrators of the COVID-19 vaccine especially since the current U.S laws protect them from liability for injury or death caused by the vaccine. Added to this, the United States long term history of medical apartheid and destructive acts of medical malice towards people of African descent predicates a an extreme mistrust that policy makers have any interest in our community’s overall safety and well-being.