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Trance Work (Hypnosis) and Meditation

What Is Trance Work (Hypnosis)

Trance Work (Hypnosis) is its simplest explanation is a “guided meditation.”  Many of us enter a hypnotic/meditative or “trance” state while listening to music, watching TV, attending a lecture or hearing a dynamic speaker.  In this case the hypnotist comes in the form of a good preacher or a captivating book.

What is Trance or Hypnosis?  It is an altered state of consciousness, very much like daydreaming.  It is a state of mind that is characterized by suggestibility, relaxation and a heightened imagination.  It is un-like sleep in that you are fully conscious and aware.  In fact, your concentration becomes completely focused while under this state.

People experience light trance as part of their reality everyday.  If you’ve ever been captivated by a good movie or a breath taking story then, you’ve experienced the emotions of these imaginary events as if they were real.  Whether they brought tears to your eyes or made you laugh uncontrollably, you were in a  trance or hypnotic  state.  In this special state, it is easy to feel uninhibited, relaxed and at ease.  These experiences cause you to put your own worries and stresses to the side while you tune into the world of the characters in the movie or play.  This is a world that is totally imaginary and made up by the story writers.

How Does It Feel?

Trance/Hypnosis is a natural state of mind. In a light state it is entirely possible for one to believe that he or she was not hypnotized.  When one enters into a medium state he or she may feel relaxed as if sitting in their favorite reclining chair.  In a really deep state for some the feeling may be euphoric. However, the whole trance process serves to enhance your ability to recall and it opens your creative awareness which allows you to be responsive to suggestion.

Will I Be Under Someone Else’s Control?

This is a serious question and I often respond to it by saying, “If I had the ability to control a person to that degree, my house would be immaculate and everyone would do their chores without complaining.” But alas, what you see on on the Television is merely and over-dramatized and misleading view of what hypnosis can do.  All I do is get you to focus your attention and you stay in complete control.

For What Reasons Do People Use Trance/Hypnosis?

Through trance/hypnosis work we promote union within the individual. By getting the person to be still and listen they are able to tune into the higher aspect of self.  They produce a harmony by this process.  This harmony can revitalize, relax, heal, increase clarity and awareness, relieve bodily congestion, and minimize pain.  Through complete physical and mental relaxation tense and nervous feelings disappear and the pressures of life are released.  This allows your subconscious mind to readily receive planned and proper suggestions for self improvement.

We Help With-

Pain Management

Anger Management

Prolonged Grief

Emotional Stress

Fears, Anxiety and Phobias

Self Esteem and Confidence

Enhanced Academic Performance

Our Methods Include:

Guided Meditation

Regression (Past Life & Future)

Soul Retrieval

Soul Fragmentation

Chakra Balancing

Healing Sound

Sessions Start at $45/hour

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