Temple Membership

Nana’s Zarator Maroon Healing Temple (NZMHT) is a both a Wellness Center and a Temple . Temple Membership is independent of the Wellness Center.  It operates via invitation only private membership. Its facilities are NOT open to the general public. All Nana’s Zarator Maroon Healing Temple activities are by invitation only. It operates with the following intentions:

  • To acquaint its members with the opportunity to overcome their personal physical challenges in order to fulfill their life’s mission.
    To serve as a contemporary refuge for those working to resolve ailments affecting their physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.
  • To encourage the practice of self development and to disseminate knowledge to aid its members in self mastery.
  • To support members in the development of their wholistic practices/businesses.
    To promote friendship and good relations with other organizations and individuals who are sympathetic to the above stated purposes.
  • To acquire, build and maintain other facilities throughout the diaspora.
  • To arrange meetings, social and cultural activities, exhibitions and lectures in relation to the purposes of the organization.
  • To promote the selective use of its facilities to generate revenue to support the organization.

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