Nanas Zarator

Before You Visit

We are happy that you have made the decision to embark on the path of self determination in regards to your own mental, spiritual, emotional and physical healing.  The following is a list of items we recommend you bring with you in order to make your visit with us the most rejuvenating and transformational process for you.

  • Thick hooded sweat suit or hooded long sleeve shirt and pants (white or dye-free natural colors).
  • 2 pairs of Thick sweat socks (white or dye-free natural colors).
  • A pair of house shoes or slippers
  • Your favorite relaxing music
  • 4 large towels
  • 2 small wash clothes
  • A pillow and a comfortable blanket
  • Bath and Shower toiletries
  • 2 lemons, 1 gal of water
  • Bathing suit (If you plan to swim or relax by the pool/spa).
  • Its recommend to stay hydrated and to drink at least 1 gal of water the night before.
  • Please bring a light lunch. The kitchen is open for you to cook and/or prepare a meal.  The recommendation is to incorporate a meal with live raw foods after your session. Ie salad, vegetables, soups etc.  Seafood and organic turkey/chicken is also an option or if you are under a special diet just remember to keep it light but filling.
  • Please take all medications as prescribed by your physicians and follow all doctor’s orders.
  • Infared Heat caused by hyperthermia for some causes slight skin irritation due to excess sweat so if you have any allergies please be sure to take whatever allergy medications you have the night before. (We do have a cat that lives in the home and usually avoids strangers.  We understand that not all people like pets and/or have allergies.  So we do our best to make sure she is kept out of the healing space. Please let us know ahead of time if we should confine her for your comfort.
  • All of our procedures are relaxation and complementary health modalities and work to enhance current programs your doctor has ordered. If you have any doubts or questions regarding any procedures please direct them to your physician.
  • Bring a driver or a friend to keep you company (recommended not required)
  • Notebook

A waiver will be required before any modalities are performed.